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Luxury Vinyl Planks as Wall Coverings

Wall coverings have recently become a new focus for the use of Luxury Vinyl Planks.  Trident’s wood grain finished planks work well because of their low maintenance and durability.  Vinyl wood is less expensive than veneers or other traditional wood materials.  Barnwood and other reclaimed wood materials can be emulated by luxury vinyl wood grain planks for the look and feel of actual wood, without the high cost.

Vinyl wood grain planks are a great option for wall coverings—luxury vinyl wood grain plank designs work well on walls due to their durability and low maintenance. Unlike natural wood, they are easy to clean and they do not need a finish. And vinyl wood looks are typically less expensive than traditional wood materials — especially for specialty looks such as the popular reclaimed wood aesthetic.

  • Trident luxury vinyl planks are 100% recyclable – Eco-Friendly.
  • Trident’s click system requires no adhesives – 50+ % savings.
  • 20 mil commercial wear layer.
  • 7-year commercial, 25-year residential warranty.
  • Trident luxury vinyl planks are resistant to strong chemicals such as acetone, petroleum based products.
  • Trident luxury vinyl planks are 100% waterproof. In the case of major flooding, planks can be “un-clicked” and reassembled with no damage to the product.
  • Trident luxury vinyl planks meet and–in most cases–exceed all international compliance standards for schools, hospitals, offices, supermarkets, apartments, condos, malls, etc.