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Luxury Vinyl Flooring Planks
6.5mm Waterproof Core
Cork-Backed Flooring

Trident's new lighter, stronger, composite click series of 6.5mm Waterproof Pro Core Cork-Backed luxury vinyl flooring planks are available now.

The 6.5mm series is cork backed making it softer, quieter and warmer. The cork layer also hides minor subfloor imperfections for an overall smoother floor surface. The series represented below is a commercial grade product. The difference is the wear layer and the warranty.

Luxury vinyl plank flooring can be used for wall coverings in addition to flooring. Our wood-grain vinyl flooring planks are easy to install, durable and economical.  Our luxury vinyl flooring is manufactured at our plants to very strict specifications and Trident luxury vinyl plank flooring meets and–in most cases–exceeds all international compliance standards for schools, hospitals, offices, supermarkets, apartments, condominiums, and malls.

One of the primary assets of the newest generation of Luxury Vinyl Flooring Planks is durability. Using the latest manufacturing technologies, Trident’s vinyl flooring planks are made of several layers. Most important is the protective top layer called the wear or mil layer. This is the layer that is designed to resist scratches, scuffs, stains and even indentations and scoring. Water-resistant? Yes. Our vinyl flooring product is pretty much childproof and pet-friendly in every way.  This luxury vinyl plank product is well-suited for any room in the house or commercial structure. Trident’s warranties make this product even more attractive.Luxury Vinyl Flooring Planks


The 6.5mm thick, 7-inch wide, 48-inch long planks, click together and require no adhesive. You'll enjoy up to 50% savings in labor costs. It is a commercial grade vinyl flooring but also ideal for homes as well, especially kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces. Because our luxury vinyl plank flooring is water resistant, it is excellent for below grade applications. Trident vinyl flooring planks can be installed over existing floors, including: concrete, natural wood, vinyl and linoleum. Luxury vinyl flooring planks are easy to clean in addition to being scuff and stain resistant. Visit our other build products company here:  Pacific Western Wood Products.

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